Yumballs and Yoga

I am a London dweller who left the security of my job of ten years in search of a career change. Having so much time off in the stressful job hunting process led me to discovering yoga for it’s calm-inducing properties. I am now training as a Yoga Teacher so that I can share it’s benefits.

I had developed unhealthy eating habits due to the shift working nature of my last job, and needed something healthy to satisfy my sweet tooth. I now experiment with different ingredients to make yummy protein balls, or Yumballs, as I call them.

Pine nut Yumballs
Pine nut Yumballs

I pretty much live on these now, hence the name of my blog! I have recently started writing about my involvementĀ in yoga, and even more recently, my experience as a new mum. My blog is a simple and honest one, and I hope you find something that resonates with you.